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Our expertise is identifying lost opportunities that your legacy seo agency did not take advantage of. We look for link spam, assessing the current sites UI and UX, and look for poorly coded sites that slow down the page speed. This is all done to maximize the search spiders crawl and provide a low cost seo solution to generate incremental relevant site traffic and lead conversions. We have done seo for businesses in Japan, Qatar, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Canada and of course the United States.


It can be said a website can not gain better search rankings by having a strong social media presence, but it does make sense to maximize your social media marketing efforts to increase the likelihood your content will be shared along with your websites URL being shared too. The social media channels have many opportunities to take advantage of that your competitors are probably not doing.


When doing PPC campaigns, having a really great landing page can help in generating leads and improve on Google's Quality Score Index for each campaign. In addition, performing A/B testing for multiple landing pages will increase the lead generation conversions and eventually lower your online marketing costs.


The proliferation of online reviews, blogging, social media interactions and other online channels to "mouth off" is ubiquitous. Acperion specializes in brand reputation strategy, monitoring, and offering proactive solutions to get rid of bad online reviews.


Prior to our speaking engagements at NAA (National Apartment Association) and AIM (Apartment Internet Marketing) conferences, we asked the conference organizers to provide us with a random sample of 40-50 property management companies who are attending these two conferences. We found that over 40% of the conference participants had a zero mobile presence and over 75% had little to no search engine optimization (seo.) This means these property management companies are losing leads, appointments and lease conversions (move-ins.)

We also uncovered very shoddy seo implementations performed by their marketing agencies. Two apartment search sites had the NOINDEX/NOFOLLOW tags installed by accident. These property management company's were paying their seo agencies to NOT be found on the Google and Bing rankings. If they only knew the real story.

Below are some of the search engine optimization areas that we can evaluate along with a remediation plan to correct and improve your apartment marketing department effectiveness:

- Search Engine Optimization/SEO: Quality of SEO for the website and assess how effective it currently is.

- User Experience/User Interface (UX/UI): Is the website designed correctly to generate visitor traffic and not hinder seo effectiveness?

- Website Analytics: Does the website have proper analytics tracking? If yes, if the website performing as it should be?

- Spam Website Code: Does the website have JavaScript code inserted by your website design company that secretly spams Google search users to click into your website? We have seen it before.

- Business Plan Apartment Marketing Development: Does your department have a digital marketing business plan? We can development one.

- Internet Listing Services Website Competition: Are your ILS's stealing your search traffic without your knowledge? We can find out because it does happen.

- Mobile Presence: You may have a mobile site presence but is the site optimized for Google? Do you have a "mobile-first?" strategy?

Comscore says 50% of all searches will be voice search by 2020.